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2008-03-04 12:24:07 by Rekyo

I just started, and I really want to make some good flashes, but I don't think they will be good enough, I want to start out making a great flash, instead of just a really lame one for ya all ^^ Plus I am very new to flash making, but strikes my interest, since I made a crappy one, and Was like woa, This is really hard, But flash making is an art, it is also challenging. since you have reviewers, but I may post my first flash anyway, its really bad flash, but I guess I need to make some flash, Anyway, Just my thoughts right now. :/


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2008-03-04 21:38:10

I would start off with something or "Lame" then continue working on differrent flashes then you get better and better

--Practice makes perfect--

(Updated ) Rekyo responds:

Thank you Djwave, I have alot to experiment with from every flash I make but I guess I will post them and get the learning from my viewers. I apprecaite your comment. I will put your inspiration along my journey of flash making.
Thanks for your Insight.


2008-04-05 06:11:38

I wanted to start out making a really good flash as well......long story short I couldn't do it , became really demotivated and ended up quitting...I suggest starting off small (^_^)