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Entry #3

still working on my flash

2008-03-24 23:32:11 by Rekyo

I realize it is really complacated to making scenes in flash. I admire you all, It must be alot of work to make a flash. anyway I'm still working on it, but have a 30 day trail on Adobe flash Cs3. I better hurry and finish.

Meanwhile I did contribute something. a song. I created it myself by accident on D-lusion and Acid program similar to techno. It will be coming out on here. it isn't anything great, but it is the first one I made. hope to see reviews on it.

anyway thank you all have a nice day.


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2008-03-24 23:54:57

Good luck. Have a nice day.


2008-04-05 06:07:58

If you want I can give you a free serial code to have your CS3 forever without paying....message my page if you're interested...cus it's hard to do it in one PM.


2008-04-25 09:03:51

"30 day trail" LMAO It's Trial.

Anyway, why don't you get the Crack?!


2008-07-11 11:29:17

sup man


2008-07-17 01:59:32

Good luck dude! Took me like 3 years to finally get something onto the portal >_>; lol I'm sad. :P


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