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still working on my flash

2008-03-24 23:32:11 by Rekyo

I realize it is really complacated to making scenes in flash. I admire you all, It must be alot of work to make a flash. anyway I'm still working on it, but have a 30 day trail on Adobe flash Cs3. I better hurry and finish.

Meanwhile I did contribute something. a song. I created it myself by accident on D-lusion and Acid program similar to techno. It will be coming out on here. it isn't anything great, but it is the first one I made. hope to see reviews on it.

anyway thank you all have a nice day.

Flash in progress........ As a new guy to flash, I don't really have a background in flash making, I've only made practice ones once or twice, but I really haven't gotten to the deph of flash making, at this point I realize theres more to flash that meets the eye. But I apprecaite everyones tutorials on Newgrounds, I have learned the basics, now at the moment, My creation is in process. I have many things to study about flash; :| I will try to make this a hobby and not a job, but oh well I am very excited to launch my first flash, but I gotta study up on it and experiment, soo sorry for the delay if anyones waiting for me to post my frist flash... It will come soon. the hardest part is putting things in motion. and effects, I have my character outline almost complete; but still no story line, I may have to make it random... but yea, thats my struggles this time ((I should have named my account struggle -.-. I need to take it slow I guess...

And by the way Thank you Djwave, for your inspiration. If I did post a really good Flash it would take awile or look pretty bad since I am a starter of flash, I'll keep it simple until I can make good flash. I've seen many good flashes out there, Even the ones people rate 3's and 2's those people still are at a higher level than I am. If I keep making flashes, I will learn and I will keep posting Flashes of my ability. I will keep making flashes and learn more on this path of flash making. Anyway! sorry about the Insight of this. I am totally new too everything, but I am really interested in Making flash animations, And I hope I will make some nice ones for my viewers. I agree with your advice Djwave. thanks for the inspiration, I will post my first flash soon.....

Here is a bit of Paint drawing on normal paint (o.o I know I don't have Photoshop Cs3) anyway, Created this about 2 years ago, On paint- about My Endless online character- and I still haven't improved yet, that is why I am turning to flash making (to improve myself in art, animation, plus i'm interested anyway) :| because my abilty's suit it, soo here is samples of my work ... I say again this was 2 years ago from now. I have changed I hope xD ((please don't laugh))

I am in the mist of creating my official first flash, I hope It will look good when i'm done.


2008-03-04 12:24:07 by Rekyo

I just started, and I really want to make some good flashes, but I don't think they will be good enough, I want to start out making a great flash, instead of just a really lame one for ya all ^^ Plus I am very new to flash making, but strikes my interest, since I made a crappy one, and Was like woa, This is really hard, But flash making is an art, it is also challenging. since you have reviewers, but I may post my first flash anyway, its really bad flash, but I guess I need to make some flash, Anyway, Just my thoughts right now. :/